Waiting Children

These and other children need adoptive families.

Vincent is a sweet, smiley and easygoing boy from SE Asia.Vincent • 01/16/2006 • SE Asia

This older boy is described as sweet, smiley, easygoing and a bit shy with strangers. He can often be found playing soccer, riding a bicycle, playing hide-and-seek with friends or watching cartoons. He is in good physical health but has some mild cognitive delays. He is good with his hands and says that he wishes to be a builder or driver when he grows up. An adoptive family for this older boy should be knowledgeable about the challenges of older child adoption.

Oscar is a thoughtful boy who enjoys helping others.Oscar • 11/11/2007 • China

Oscar is a thoughtful and considerate boy. When he saw photos of his caregiver’s son, he decided on his own to send her home with some candy — a gift from him to her son. He is also helpful toward other children in the orphanage, particularly those who need extra assistance due to their special needs. Oscar has congenital heart disease, for which he had surgery. He also has some delays in his development. Oscar says that he wants parents who will play with him.

Tatiana, David and Tomas are a strong sibling group that's looking for an adoptive family.Tatiana, David and Tomas • Colombia

This sibling group of three has strong bonds with each other! Tomas is 9 years old, and enjoys drawing, hugs and playing soccer. David is 12 years old and likes listening to music, playing video games and playing tennis. Tatiana is 13 years old and described as driven and a natural leader. These siblings adapt to change well and are waiting for a very experienced family that understands the impact trauma and grief will have on their adjustment.

Adelynn is a kind and independent girl who is well-liked by her teachers. Adelynn • 11/04/2010 • China

Adelynn is a kind and independent girl who is well-liked by her teachers. She gets along well with other children and communicates well with others. Adelynn has exotropia and cerebral palsy, which affects her mobility and the strength in her hands. She has been receiving physical therapy and she can walk unsupported for a long distance, with a gait difference. She needs a family that has access to excellent medical and therapy resources.

Want to learn more about any of these kids waiting for a family? 

For information about Tatiana, David and Tomas, email Kimberly Dowd-Uribe at kimberlyd@holtinternational.org. 

For information about Oscar or Adelynn, contact Alycia Fahr-Zarlons at alyciaf@holtinternational.org

For information about Vincent, contact Kristen Henry at kristenh@holtinternational.org. 

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