This Sibling Set of Six Needs a Family!

This beautiful sibling group of six will steal your heart.

Tati, age 13, and the oldest of her siblings, is described as a calm and respectful child. Currently in the sixth grade, Tati shows organizational skills when it comes to her school schedule and completing her homework. Tati is somewhat shy, but is looked upon as a role model in her peer group. During her free time, Tati loves to read, and can create stories of her own. She also enjoys writing, drawing and coloring.

Cami, age 9, also loves to read, and has learned how to write in cursive. Cami is described as a very intelligent child who is a natural leader and can make friends easily. She has a close bond with her younger sister Mari.

Mari, age 7, is an active and social child who is described as joyful, smiling and fun. She enjoys choosing her own hairdo and outfits, and often chooses clothes that allow her to play comfortably. Mari enjoys outdoor sports and games, as well as group activities.


Cami and Mari.
Cami and Mari

At 4 years old, Tino is the oldest boy and is described as a sweet, affectionate and respectful child. Tino likes to play with his friends and use his imagination. He enjoys playing soccer, painting and drawing. Tino has a close relationship with his younger brother Nano.

Nano is a curious and active child who likes to explore. He can run, walk and kick a ball. At 3 years old, he can express his needs, recognize animal sounds and names, and use a pencil to trace things. Nano is said to be joyful and smiling most of the time.

Tito is the youngest of his siblings and is especially close to his sister, Tati. He is described as a happy, calm and social little boy, who can be shy at times. Tito is also capable of expressing his emotions and needs.

Tati and Tino.
Tati and Tino

All six siblings are developmentally on target and in need of a loving home. It’s important to them that they stay together, and the older girls have expressed a desire for a loving family to take care of and play with them.

These children need a family who will advocate for them, encourage them and give them all the love they deserve.

Cami, Nano and Mari.
Cami, Nano and Mari

Could you or someone you know be the right family for these siblings? Please contact Kristen Henry at or view their photolisting on the Holt website for more information.

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