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why choose Holt?

adoption expertAs an adoption advisor, I spend a lot of my time speaking to families about allof the ins and outs of international adoption. After we have sifted through the rules, legalities and details of the process, we inevitably land on the question, “Why should I choose Holt?” There are plenty of agencies to choose from, and whether families have never heard of Holt or they are well acquainted with the work that we do, this is a question worth asking. Here are a few things that really set Holt apart.

— Caitlin Howe, Adoption Advisor

more than adoption1. More Than Adoption

I know it may seem a little odd that
the first point I make about adopting through Holt is that Holt’s work
really extends beyond international adoption — but I think it’s important
to consider. While adoption is truly the roots of our organization and continues to be a significant part of what we do, Holt works in many realms to uplift children and strengthen families. For parents inquiring about adopting, it is my pleasure to share that Holt has programs that support children and families within their birth countries — and that long before pursuing adoption, Holt strives to keep children in the loving care of their birth families, whenever possible. Why does this matter to adoption? This on-the-ground experience helps us better understand how to serve children, ensures that we are in touch with the needs of families, and most importantly, leads us to embrace adoption practices that really do make the best interests of children our number one priority.


changes in adoption2. Things Change, and So Do We!

Holt is one of the longest-operating adoption agencies in the United States — and was the first agency to do international adoption. Through the decades, we have seen a lot of changes within adoption. Needless to say, our adaptability to change is one of the strongest attributes of our organization. I jokingly tell families that there are approximately 850 variables when it comes to adoption, and while that is said in jest, each family’s process has A LOT of different elements. We have established relationships with our local agency partners and have a longstanding reputation of quality work. Because of these two factors, Holt is able to handle changes with each family’s process — and with broader adoption and country practices — with grace. We keep families informed of changes as we become aware and work hard to maintain a level of flexibility when challenges arise.

support for adoptees 3. We Support Families Beyond Placement

When families first consider adoption, it might feel too early
to talk about what happens at the end of the process. But one of my favorite answers to the question “Why should I choose Holt?” focuses on what happens after a family travels home. Every day, I tell prospective adoptive parents that at Holt, we fully recognize that adoption doesn’t stop after
you travel home. In many ways, things are just getting started! Holt is one of the very few agencies that has a post-adoption services department, with a dedicated staff that focuses on developing programs and supporting families and adoptees after placement has occurred. Whether it’s providing clinical support to families that are navigating the transition or supporting adoptees as they ask questions and explore their identity, we are providing critical services in the area of post-adoption.

Above all, we understand that no two children or families are alike. We strive to know your family, your hopes and your fears. We go above and beyond to provide educational tools, resources, travel coordination, preparation and more. It’s important to us that you feel informed and prepared to adopt, every step of the way.


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