Archer Needs a Family!

Archer is an easygoing and active 11-year-old who is well liked by everyone. He came into care when he was a little over a year old.

Archer is currently in the fifth grade and attends public school, where he studies math, Chinese, English, art and PE. He particularly enjoys Chinese class and PE. He also has a very good memory and can recite poetry. Archer likes to help others, and gets along with his teachers and classmates. He is doing very well in school and can do addition and subtraction problems in his head. Check out the video!

Outside of school, Archer likes to play football, chess and Chinese checkers. His favorite game is jumping rope and he’s very proud that he can jump 10 times without stopping.

Archer has mild strabismus, which doesn’t significantly affect his vision.

Archer has a strong desire to be adopted, and would like to have a family with brothers and sisters.

Could you or someone you know be the right family for Archer? Please contact Alycia Fahr-Zarlons at  or view his photolisting for more information.


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