Our Homeland is Each Other

Last week, Caitlin Howe — Holt’s adoptee programs coordinator — was featured on an edition of the NPR podcast Code Switch. Hear her, and other adoptees, share about their shared experiences, being a transracial adoptee and more!

As Adoptees, we long for representation — to see and hear stories to which we relate and that help us feel like part of a bigger community. It demonstrates to us that experiences we feel are had in isolation may in fact be shared. Through working with Adoptees and at Holt Adoptee Camp, I have learned that we long for a vast array of stories to help paint a robust picture of the Adoptee experience. The NPR Code Switch podcast has been making strides in the representation of minority voices and in providing relevant commentary about society and culture. When we found out that they were doing an episode on adoption, I — along with many other Adoptees — jumped at the idea of being part of the conversation.  All Adoptees have a story to tell and it was a privilege to participate in this podcast and continue to elevate the voice of Adoptees. Thank you for listening!

Caitlin Howe, MS | Adoptee Programs Coordinator

Learn about Holt’s newest program for youth adoptees, Circle Back! 

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