Alan, Aaron and Antonio Need a Family!

Alan, Aaron, and Antonio Need a Family!

These brothers are a close-knit trio!

I was fortunate enough to spend the day with these three at a zoo in Colombia and got to observe their personalities and how they interact with each other.

Alan, Aaron, and Antonio Need a Family!

Alan is the oldest and is a quiet, thoughtful and humble leader. The younger two definitely look up to him and he makes sure they are taken care of. He has some delays in development compared to his peers, but with the help of his foster family, he has made great academic and social progress. During our day at the zoo, he was quick to offer his help with carrying my camera gear, and wanted to help me any way he could.

Alan, Aaron, and Antonio Need a Family!

Aaron is the middle brother, and tried (unsuccessfully) to hide his smile from the camera. He is shy and quiet, but also not afraid to be different. He loves swimming and dancing. Aaron was born with spastic cerebral palsy, but has been making considerable progress with his motor skills. Aside from a bit of a limp, he had no trouble walking around the zoo and seeing all the animals.

Alan, Aaron, and Antonio Need a Family!

Antonio is the youngest, and all will agree he is the life of the party. While his older brothers are more reserved and quiet, he is more than willing to talk and is not afraid of being on camera. He is very interested in soccer and wants to play professionally one day. For now, he just has the soccer player haircut. He looks up to his older brothers and follows in their footsteps.

These three boys need the right family to come into their lives and give them the permanency and stability they need to thrive!

Could you or someone you know be the right family for Alan, Aaron and Antonio? For more information, please visit their photolisting profile and contact our Colombia program director, Kim Dowd-Uribe, for more information about these special siblings!

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Daniel Hespen | Holt Staff Photographer/Videographer

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