Raymond needs a family!

Raymond needs a family!

There Must Be a Family for Raymond!

Raymond’s caregivers are especially adamant that Raymond is a special boy who needs an adoptive family.  When asked what stands out about him, his caregivers say that he is optimistic and works very hard.

Raymond’s hard work is paying off in school. He attends a public school where his academic performance is excellent and he earns prizes for his good behavior. His favorite subject is math and he likes his math teacher.

When not working hard at school, Raymond likes to read or play games. He enjoys chess, Chinese checkers, soccer and skateboarding. There is a wonderful video that shows Raymond and three of his buddies laughing and playing soccer together. Active, cheerful and easygoing, it’s no wonder that Raymond gets along well with his friends. His caregivers say he isn’t the type of kid who easily has conflict with others — he has harmonious relationships with his peers. He communicates with people fluently.

Raymond had spina bifida, which has been surgically repaired. He can walk, run and jump… and kick a soccer ball like a champ! His daily life is not hindered by his medical condition.

Raymond has been waiting for a long time for a family.  He needs and deserves someone who will cheer at his soccer games, help with his homework, host his friends for game nights, provide for his needs — and most importantly — love him. Could you be the family Raymond is waiting for?

There is a $3000 Special Blessings Grant toward the fees for Raymond’s adoption through Holt.

For more information about Raymond, contact our Child Match Coordinator, Jessica Zeeb!

DOB: 9/27/06 | China

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