Sofia Needs a Family!

Sofia needs a family!

Sofia is absolutely precious.

She’s 7 years old and while her verbal communication skills are limited, you always know what she wants, what she likes and what she doesn’t like. She’s good at expressing her emotions. She really loves to color and draw and she’s always down for an adventure — whether it’s a picnic in the park, a piggyback ride through the zoo or a hand-in-hand walk to see the sights.

But, sadly, Sofia’s chances of joining a family are rapidly dwindling.

She’s now an “older child” — a somewhat arbitrary line that separates kids younger than 5 from kids older than 5 waiting for adoptive families. As the vast majority of adoptive families request to adopt children younger than 5, the older a child is, the smaller the pool of willing families. Sofia also has Down syndrome, and while her condition is well understood, the stigma associated with almost all disabilities means that she will need a very, very special family.

This reality is heartbreaking, because like all kids, Sofia is beautiful, charming and so very deserving of the love and attention of a family of her own.

Sofia needs a family!

During a day at the zoo with her, Sofia enjoyed posing for pictures at the zoo’s entrance, and then giggled at the flamingos for several minutes before following the group of kids she was with to a big fish pond where she enjoyed watching the fish from the arms of her foster mother.

Inside the aquarium, Sofia cried in fear at the fish tanks. She had never seen water behind glass before, but she let one of Holt’s social workers hold her and she quickly calmed and was soon bravely touching the fish tank glass herself and watching the fish swim.

Sofia needs a family!

Sofia is content in the company of adults. While she has a special bond with her foster mother, she also loved to meet new people. She enjoys snuggles and watching all the action around her. She has a blast playing musical instruments and she also likes to dance. Sofia has a good attention span and enjoyed spending lots of time on various activities, like playing a xylophone, interacting with monkeys at the zoo and looking through the pages of a book.

Sofia seems to do well in situations with lots of stimulation, new people and other children.

She’s happy to play with other children or on her own, but she prefers the quiet company of another adult. She is generally calm, happy and very fun! She spent most of a 90-minute lunch filling a notebook with pen drawings.

Sofia will be a perfect addition to the right family — and we know the right family for Sofia is out there. We just have to find them for her.

We need your help! Can you share Sofia’s story with your friends? Adoptive families and individual advocates sharing about the needs of kids waiting for families is the most powerful way to find adoptive families for kids. We are grateful, too, for donors who help provide resources to do a national family search for Sofia and children like her!

Sofia needs a family!

When Holt social workers gave her and the other children she was with a small gift — a stuffed animal and a small water bottle — she was overjoyed! She opened her gift with a huge smile and didn’t set her new lion down for the rest of the day.

Sofia has Down syndrome and she is small for her age. She will clearly be a perfect fit in a home of her own. She’ll need parents who love hugs, lots of hand-made art and having a child who makes even the most mundane situations more fun. She would do well in a family with older or younger siblings, but she seems to especially love older kids and adults.

Could you or someone you know be the right family for Sofia? For more information about her, visit her photolisting profile or contact Kim at

DOB: 02/09/11 | Colombia

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Sofia needs a family!Sofia needs a family!Sofia needs a family!


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