Valentina and Samuel Need a Family!

Valentina and Samuel need a family

Valentina and Samuel don’t live in the same place!

These loving siblings are currently living in two different group homes, but want to be together. In order for that to happen they need an adoptive family!

Valentina is a leader. In her group of friends, she is the one to take initiative. She can often be found with her friends playing basketball, dancing and doing gymnastics. She also enjoys table games and is a smart girl! She has some academic delays due to not attending school for a period of time, but with the right help, she will most likely catch up. Life hasn’t been easy for Valentina, but she is very resilient and persistent.

Samuel is a confident and self-assured boy. He is very smart and naturally good at interacting with others. His caregivers say he has a strong personality and will need some structure to be successful. He sometimes has anxiety when eating and swallowing food, and will need a loving and patient family to support him.

These siblings love spending time with each other when they can. But they need and deserve to be together in a loving and permanent family! The right family for Valentina and Samuel will understand the impact that trauma and grief will likely have on their transition, and will preferably have parented past their ages.

Could you or someone you know be the right family for Valentina and Samuel? For more information about these siblings, please visit their photolisting profile and contact Kristen Henry!

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DOB: 7/2/05 and 7/20/15 | Colombia

Valentina and Samuel need a family

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