Kramer Needs a Family!

Kramer needs a family!

I met “Kramer” in China last year, but we didn’t have his child information file to advocate for him at the time. Now we do, and I’m excited to share more about him. It’s amazing he hasn’t already been matched with a family because he is incredibly sweet, silly and fun.

There are some kids who are so easy to imagine with a family, and Kramer is one of them. He would thrive with the love and attention of a devoted parent or parents — and he would be a blast. Any family will be lucky to have Kramer in their lives. That’s the only reason I can think that he has been waiting so long for a family: that the universe is waiting for the right parents to come along who are as fun and loving as he is.

Kramer needs a family!

I visited Kramer in the apartment where he lives with his foster mom, a foster sister his age and a younger foster brother. Kramer is 11 years old and he’s lived in foster care most of his life. Although he’s lived in two foster families, he’s been with his current foster mom for more than eight years. She is a great caregiver, but during our visit, she told us she looks forward to the day when Kramer will have a permanent family of his own.

At first, Kramer was quiet and shy. But I could tell immediately that it was just an act. He tried hard to hide his charming, goofy grin, but it wasn’t long before he was smiling constantly.

We brought Kramer and his foster siblings a little bag of sweet treats for Chinese New Year, and he immediately began sharing all the candies — not only with his foster siblings, but with us as well. He hadn’t quite let his guard down yet, but his willingness to share the festive snacks that he rarely gets to eat was a touching gesture.

I handed him my cell phone to play with, and just like that he was just a normal, outgoing little boy. He snapped a bunch of pictures of us and then turned the camera on himself so he could snap selfies of himself making silly faces with his foster sister.

Kramer needs a family!

Unless Kramer’s foster mother had pointed it out, I probably would never have noticed that Kramer was missing his left hand. He operates so well without it, he doesn’t seem at all hindered by its absence. He has beautiful, neat handwriting and he does well in school. He rarely needs help with anything, from tying his shoes to making food.

When we last wrote about Kramer, we said he wanted to learn how to ride a bike. At the time, he didn’t have a bike, but now he does and he learned to ride it with no problems. (Note to his future family: He LOVES his bike, even though it’s in rough shape. Maybe a new bike is in his future?).

Additionally, Kramer has heart disease that is well managed with daily medication and regular doctor visits. He received heart surgery in 2014, and since then, he’s had lots of energy to play and his life is basically unaffected by the condition. Prior to surgery, he couldn’t walk the seven flights of stairs to his apartment without help, but now he can cruise up and down the stairs with no problems. He’s a bit undersized, and that might be related to his condition.

Kramer would thrive in a family with older or younger siblings. He has a really close friendship with his foster sister and they play together most of the time.

It was cute to watch them together. One minute they’d be whispering secrets and the next they’d be in fits of giggles, running to their room to grab their school workbooks to show us the English words they were learning. He was helpful to his younger foster brother, too, and Kramer’s foster mom said that Kramer is a big help around the house.

Kramer needs a family

In school, Kramer likes using the computer and learning to write in English. His third grade teachers adore him. He is a year behind in school because of the complications he faced prior to his heart surgery.

Kramer also likes ping-pong and the color yellow. Usually, he eats rice and vegetables, but he really likes when he gets to have chicken or duck. He can cook eggs for himself.

Kramer is exceptionally CUTE. While we typically try to avoid describing children by their physical attributes because all children are beautiful and adorable, it’s hard to not mention in Kramer’s description how seriously charming he is. He’s got a sweet smile and big, brown eyes. He was polite but curious, and he liked to give hugs. When we left, I wanted to spend more time with him because I was having so much fun just interacting with him, despite our language barrier. He’s a mix of snuggly and independent, shy and outgoing, and very intent on overcoming every challenge he faces. He’s super laid back but also ready for fun and adventures. He is as happy to run and play as he is to stay in and watch cartoons together.

If you have ever considered adopting an older child, I would encourage you to learn more about Kramer.

Billie Loewen | Director of Creative Services

Kramer needs a family!

Could you be the right family for Kramer?

Kramer’s family will need to have access to any medical resources he may need and have a strong understanding of parenting past his age. Kramer needs a family that understands issues related to older child adoption, grief and loss. To learn more about all of the eligibility guidelines to adopt from China, click here.

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