Vincent Needs a Family!

Vincent Needs a Family

Vincent still waits.

Of the three boys from our photolisting who I met on a recent trip to S.E. Asia, Vincent is the only one who is still waiting for a family.

Vincent Needs a Family

He knows what it would mean to have a family. He has seen his friends meet their adoptive families. He has watched as they drove away, leaving him in the group home.

During my trip, I also filmed a family as they met their son for the first time at their hotel in the city — a half-hour drive from the orphanage. As Vincent had a doctor’s appointment in the city, he also came along on this meeting. Throughout the visit, I couldn’t help but notice Vincent in the background. While the family was having this very special moment, Vincent watched as his friend met his adoptive family — wishing he could have the same experience, but knowing that he would soon return to the group home.

Now it is Vincent’s turn!

I would love to see the right family come forward and provide the love and care that Vincent needs to thrive.

He is such a sweet kid who loves to have fun with his friends and is thoughtful about the needs of others. While I was at his group home, I saw him quietly observing the other kids and looking out for those who were younger. While some of the other boys were exclusive and didn’t want to play with everyone, Vincent was always kind and allowed others to join in.

He is good with his hands and is very curious when the maintenance workers are fixing or building something. He likes to watch them work, and even helps them by handing them tools when they need them.

Vincent needs a family that is knowledgeable about older child adoption and has access to a good educational system. He has waited too long for the right family. Could you or someone you know be the right family for him?

A $5,000 Special Blessings grant is available to help the right family bring him home.

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  1. Thank you so much for the video!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope Vincent finds a family soon. My prayers are with this little boy, I would take him in minute.

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