These Five Siblings Need a Family!

Five Siblings

These five siblings are inseparable!

They love each other dearly and dream of staying together in the same loving family.

Sarita is 3 years old and close with her caregivers. This darling little girl is calm, sociable and handles change well. Her favorite activities often include music and dance, and her physical and cognitive development are both on target. She does have some language delays.

Diego is 5 years old and also close with his caregivers. He is doing well in preschool and follows instructions well. Described as sociable, outgoing and cheerful, Diego is also persistent and uses language well to express his needs.

Marcela is 7 and very affectionate. She seeks adult approval and generally follows rules well. She is good at expressing her feelings and she enjoys playing with her peers and siblings.

Sandra is 10 and enjoys being active. She especially likes playing soccer and tag, jumping rope and playing with dolls. It’s reported that she may not have attended formal schooling prior to coming into care, but in the last two years she has made good progress in school.

Camila is 14 and a good student. Her favorite subjects are biology, math and Spanish. She is responsible and affectionate, especially with her siblings. Her caregivers describe her as a shy, calm and quiet girl who has a few close friends. She is excited about adoption and can’t wait for a family who “really loves me.”

Five Siblings

These siblings need the right family to give them the secure, loving home they deserve! To help these siblings transition to a new home, the right family will need to have an excellent understanding of the impact of grief, trauma and loss.

For more information about Sarita, Diego, Marcela, Sandra and Camila, please contact our adoption advisor, Caitlin Howe!

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