Hayden and Her Family

Hayden and her family

HAYDEN AND HER FAMILY is a documentary film that tells the story of the extraordinary Curry family — a family of 14 built through both biological and adoption bonds. The documentary follows Elizabeth and Judd Curry as they nurture their seven biological children and five adopted children from China and Vietnam. With a full house and a number of special needs to attend to, we watch as the Currys navigate the complexities of creating a diverse family, the challenges of integrating new members into the fold, and the rewards of embracing the humanity in all children. The Currys don’t think they’re special, however. As Judd Curry points out, “One of the assumptions is that you have to be special and different and noble to adopt. Well, no, you don’t.”

The film is directed by May Tchao, who knows the Currys personally and has been documenting their story for the past four years.  

Adoptive mom and actress Jamie Lee Curtis has recently agreed to act as Executive Producer and Narrator for the project!

Funds are currently being raised to help with the costs of finishing the film via a Kickstarter campaign that is in its final week. Time is of the essence, so if you or anyone you know would be interested in helping to bring this powerful story of family love and belonging to an audience, please make a donation. And spread the word!

Donations can be made at kck.st/2jdBwn4

For more information about the project, and scenes from the film, go to:

Project website: haydenandherfamily.com/home

Facebook page: facebook.com/haydenandherfamily/?ref=hl


All support will be gratefully appreciated and acknowledged.

Thanks so much!

May Tchao, Director


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