Smiley Gabe is Still Waiting for His Family

Little Gabe has been waiting for a family for a long time. Holt staff have met him several times over the years, and they always use similar words to describe him — happy, smiley, VERY smiley. Clearly Gabe is a cheerful little boy!

Gabe has hydrocephalus, but he is doing well! He can count from 1 to 13 and identify numbers when they’re written on paper. He knows 20-30 Chinese characters. It’s relatively easy for him to learn new things — according to his teacher, he can learn five or more Chinese characters in one day. He can follow instructions well and has made great progress in school. Please watch Gabe’s video, in which he shows off his skills!

Socially, Gabe is a leader. He really likes being helpful to his caregivers and has a favorite caregiver who is also his teacher. In class, he helps the other children and reminds them what to do. He gets along well with his peers and has a good friend in the orphanage.

We don’t want to see Gabe wait any longer for the loving family he needs to truly thrive. A $3,000 Special Blessings grant is available to help with Gabe’s adoption fees through Holt.

Could you be the family that Gabe is waiting for? For more information about this cheerful boy, visit his photolisting profile and contact our child match coordinator, Jessica Zeeb!

DOB: 8/15/2011 | China

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