Adoption is Changing, but Kids are Still Waiting for Families!

We know there have been a lot of changes in adoption recently. Country programs are changing their eligibility requirements, the profile of children coming home is changing and it is easy to feel overwhelmed and give up.

One thing that isn’t changing, though, is the need. There are still so many kids who have been deprived of the love and protection that only a permanent family can provide. Each child is waiting for a family, and our mission is to find loving parents for those children.

Could you be the family that a child is waiting for?

If you are just in the beginning stages of adoption and aren’t sure what to do next — or if you are ready to move forward — email our adoption team at! They can give you free information with no strings attached — helping you learn more about adoption or guiding you through the first steps of the process.

Contact our adoption team!

If you would rather do a little research on your own, here’s a quick overview of a few of our country programs that might be a good fit for you and your family!

China Program

  • Biggest program
  • Able to choose gender
  • Most flexible with parent mental health eligibility

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Colombia Program

  • Newest program
  • Shorter timeframes
  • No limitations regarding children in the home

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Haiti Program

  • Shortest distance from the U.S.
  • Many sibling groups
  • Able to visit child many times throughout the process

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Korea Program

  • Most long-established program
  • Kids in foster care prior to adoption
  • Children are on average 2 years old at placement

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Philippines Program

  • Smaller program
  • Shortest time spent in country
  • Most children are between 2-5 years old

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Vietnam Program

  • Smaller program
  • Single applicants can adopt
  • Parents can be as young as 25 years old

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