Your Generosity Is Keeping Them Safe and Warm!

Choy Thy with her two children in front of their house in Cambodia after donors replaced the leaky thatched walls, roof and stairs with weather-proof tin.

Because of your incredible generosity, 10 of the most vulnerable and impoverished families in Prey Veng, Cambodia received new homes or significant and seriously needed renovations. The families and their villages helped with construction, but Holt donors provided all the tools and materials.

There are no greater words of gratitude than from the families who received homes themselves!

One family who received a home wrote, “We never hoped we could have a strong, safe house. Without your support, we might live in our damaged house with leaks and no window for our whole life. We earn only enough to survive day to day. How could we repair or rebuild a safe house? From now on, our children and us have a dry place for sleeping and learning. Before, when it rained and we had strong wind, we got wet and couldn’t sleep the whole night. Our children couldn’t do homework at all. How awful of a life we had before. Now, we have a beautiful life. We will never forget your great humanitarian action. You supported us to be safe. We thank you very much for your very kind support and pray for your GOOD LUCK and BEST SUCCESS.”

“Without your support, we might live in our damaged house with leaks and no window for our whole life.”

Another family wrote to you, “Because our old house had lots of leaks and we got wet during the rainy season, we were always sick with flu. We never had enough to eat because we had to pay for medicine. We were always scared of our damaged old house falling down on our children. Life was so bad and not safe for the children. With support from donors, we can have this day. Now we have an appropriate house, and our children can sleep well and not get wet when it rains. They can study well. Our biggest thank you can’t be measured. We will never forget your support in our whole life.”

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