Harvey Needs a Family!

Harvey needs a family!Harvey probably thinks you are funny!

His foster mother tells us that he loves to laugh and play games with people. One of Harvey’s favorite games is peek-a-boo, because he thinks it is hilarious when the other person uncovers their eyes!

Harvey likes to do normal 1-year-old things such as crawl around the room, make fun babbling sounds, and sleep. One of his favorite pastimes is getting a baby massage from his foster mom. He is also learning some words, and will probably be telling jokes in no time!

Harvey was exposed to alcohol and tobacco prenatally, and at his last well baby checkup in December 2017, he was 12 months old and assessed at 7-12 months developmentally. But he is receiving physical therapy to help with his motor skills, and growing and thriving in the loving care of his foster family.

Harvey needs a family who has a good understanding of his medical history, can provide any treatment or resources he might need in the future, and doesn’t mind having laughter in their house!

For more information about Harvey, please visit his photolisting profile, and contact Caitlin Howe!

12/03/2016 | NE Asia

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