Rachael Needs a Family

An 8-year-old with kind, curious eyes and straight black hair, Rachel is every bit as sweet as her photo. And after five years, she is still waiting for her permanent, loving family.

Rachael entered into care when she was 3-and-a-half years old. She is hearing-impaired and communicates mostly through sign language. She attends a special public school for hearing-impaired children.

Rachael lives in a smaller orphanage where she has a close relationship with her caregiver, is on track developmentally and is described as a “happy girl.” She gets along well with everyone in her orphanage and often helps the caregivers take care of the younger children.

Rachael will thrive in a family that already knows or is willing to learn sign language and one that will provide her with the specialized education and resources she needs.

Could you or someone you know be the right family for Rachael? To learn more about her, please contact Jessica Zeeb at jessicaz@holtinternational.org.


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