Griffen Needs a Family!

Griffen Needs a Family!
Could you or someone you know be the right family for Griffen?

Griffen is a cute 1-year-old who can only be described as “chill.” He loves to be held and getting cheek massages, and he regularly gets 10 hours of sleep in addition to a few naps throughout the day. He loves his foster mother who has been caring for foster kids like Griffen for 9 years. He is well cared for and in a very positive home environment for growth and development.

Griffen Needs a Family!When he was born, it was noted that Griffen had prenatal exposure to alcohol and tobacco. He also has plagiocephaly — a flat spot on his head — and although his condition won’t cause brain damage or interfere with his development, he has been receiving helmet therapy to reshape his head. As you can see, he can rock the helmet pretty well!

At his last checkup, he was 9 months old and was assessed at 5-9 months developmentally (6 months gross motor, 8-9 months fine motor, 8-9 months language, and 5-6 months personal-social). While he is a little delayed developmentally, his caretakers say he has been reaching milestones and making progress!

Griffen is well loved where he is, and is able to grow and develop, but not to the level that he could if he had a stable and permanent family. To reach his full potential, he needs the personalized attention that only a permanent family can provide!

Could you or someone you know be the right family for Griffen? His family will need to understand his prenatal and medical history and be able to provide any therapies and support that he may need! For more information about Griffen, please visit his photolisting profile and contact our adoption advisor, Caitlin Howe.

02/17/17 | NE Asia

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