Shane Still Waits for a Family

Like many children waiting for families in China, Shane was born with a cleft lip and palate. But it wasn’t long before his clefts were surgically repaired, and now, all he has to show for it are two small scars above his lip.

When it comes to living life like any other kid, Shane is not affected by his repaired cleft lip and palate. His speech and pronunciation are clear and he isn’t expected to need any further treatments or surgeries!

But Shane is not living the life that he deserves. He is 11 years old. And he still doesn’t have a family of his own.

Shane understands what having a family would mean for him. He longs for parents that can love him, take care of him and provide the things he needs. He likes the idea of having siblings to play with and grow up with. He has friends in the orphanage, but they are not the same as siblings, and he has seen many of them come and go as they are adopted into families.

While he waits, Shane makes the best of his situation, and those who know him describe him as big-hearted and curious. He loves to get to know new people and make them feel welcome. Read this blog that was written by one of our social workers who met him!

Shane is also creative and can often be found painting. He is observant and pays attention to the details. He also likes to be active, and enjoys riding bikes, playing basketball, and practicing his martial arts (see video below).

In his 11 years of life, Shane has had to overcome many obstacles, and he is positive about his future. But nothing can replace the love that a family of his own could give.

Could you or someone you know be the right family for Shane?

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DOB: 5/9/2006 | China

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