Kit Needs a Family!

Kit needs a family!
Are you or someone you know the right family for Kit?

Holt International recently announced a $3,000 Special Blessings Grant to help with Kit’s adoption!

Two years ago, my daughter Joy and I joined a Holt Ambassador trip to China. Our group of mostly adults met over 40 children with special needs who were waiting for a family. Since then, many of them have been adopted. But a good number are still waiting — and Kit is among them.

Born with stiffness in his hips and legs due to a mild form of CP (cerebral palsy), Kit was placed into care at the age of 5 months.

Kit grew up supported by many loving caretakers and doctors. As he grew, he became self-sufficient, able to manage personal care activities, read and write, and memorize long passages of Chinese poems. He even received surgery to improve his mobility!

The surgery was a great success! Watch him burst with pride as he climbs up and zooms down the playground jungle gym slide. He’s finally able to have fun with friends and get around on his own!

While walking is a huge accomplishment for Kit, what he needs most is a family of his own. Once home with his new family, he will likely benefit from continued physical therapy to improve his gait, and perhaps another surgery or two to help him walk longer distances without a walker or wheelchair.

I found Kit to be a loving, joyful and charming boy. He is handsome, kind and bright. He longs to have a family of his own and I can confidently say that the right family would benefit from having this special child in their lives.

In the two years since Joy and I met him, we’ve learned a thing or two about why Kit is considered “harder to place” than others waiting to be adopted.

  1. Girls are adopted more often than boys.
    2. Younger children are adopted more often than older children.
    3. Children with CP are less likely to be adopted, although many excel in life —with professions in law, medicine, education, and much more.
    4. Children in China are no longer eligible for adoption upon reaching their 14th birthday.

In just a few short weeks, Kit turns 12 and an adoption usually takes about 12-16 months from beginning to end. Each night we pray that the right family will find him soon and begin the adoption process before it is too late.

Penny Phillips & Joy Shand | Canton, Connecticut


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Could you or someone you know be the right family for Kit? For more information about him, please contact Jessica Zeeb and visit his photolisting profile!

DOB: 01/17/2006 | China



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