This Gift of Hope Keeps Kids and Families Safe and Warm!

Preun’s three children outside their home before repairs.

Cold. Wet. Shivering at night. Constant colds and flu. Kids with sleep deprivation. For Preun, a single mother of three school-aged children, this was simply her reality.

With no money to repair her leaking roof and thatched walls, the rainy season in Cambodia was absolutely miserable — and a very serious threat to her children.

Every time it rained, her children’s school supplies, their precious rations of rice and few blankets were soaked or ruined. Her children struggled to keep up in school. The coconut leaves they used for walls dripped with cold, dirty water. When they fell sick, they could not afford to see a doctor.

But in June, Preun received the most surprising, exciting, miraculous news!

Because a kind and generous donor purchased a Gift of Hope for home repairs, Preun and her children received a new roof! Preun’s new roof was made of zinc instead of thatch, keeping the family dry. She also received new zinc walls and wood to replace the damaged areas of her floor.

Today, Preun’s children are all doing better in school. Her son is in the 4th grade, and his grades have drastically improved. Preun’s family is safer, happier and healthier — and it shows on their smiling faces.

Preun says that she is deeply grateful to the loving donors who renovated her home!

Kong with her two grandchildren in front of her house before repairs.

Not unlike Preun, Kong wasn’t sure how to keep her daughters — 8-year-old Lyly and 4-year-old Nhi — safe from winter weather. Kong and her husband don’t own any land and neither of them can read or write. As a family living in an impoverished village, they had few options to make an income to support their children. So, they migrate for work, moving from farm to farm, making a few dollars per day helping to grow rice and vegetables.

Kong’s new house in progress.

When Kong and her husband are not home, their daughters live with their grandma. While grandma is a loving caregiver, her home is very old and in disrepair. Rain leaked through holes in the walls and roof, and when the wind blew, the whole house would shake.

The house was dangerous for the children. The ladder to the front door was missing a rung, and the holes in the floor were big enough for Nhi and Lyly to fall through! And, the children often had bug bites that put them at risk for diseases like malaria and yellow fever.

Kong’s new foundation and framework.

But today, those are problems of the past!

With a generous Gift of Hope and support from the local community, too, Lyly and Nhi’s grandma received a new house in September 2017!

Now, the girls have a safe, dry place to sleep when their parents migrate for work. Grandma doesn’t have to fear the rain.

Kong’s new house!

Now, she even helps to care for other children in the village during bad storms!

Kong, grandma, Lyly and Nhi are all very grateful for the support of donors, and wanted to express their deep gratitude for the Gift of Hope that changed their lives!

If you would like to bless a family like Preun or Kong’s with the gift of home repairs, please give a Gift of Hope online today! When you give a Gift of Hope in honor of a loved one by December 15, your loved one will also receive a beautiful, free card letting them know what lifesaving gift you gave in their honor!


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