Coco Needs a Family!

Coco is a sweet 3-year-old who was born with Down syndrome.

When she was just six months old, she came into care at an orphanage in China. Her time in care has helped her grow strong and healthy, and she has a very good appetite!

She is a very active child and loves being outside; in fact, when she can’t be outside, she likes to climb up on a chair to look out the window out of curiosity. Coco also likes to make art and her favorite method is with lots of colorful paint.

Coco is learning lots of new things and can follow instructions. She also learns through imitating those around her. That also comes out in her playful side and if you make funny faces at her, she will imitate those, too!

Coco is a fun-loving child who needs a family of her own to go exploring with, to be silly with, and to belong with.

Could you or someone you know be the right family for Coco?

There is a $3000 Special Blessings Grant* available toward the cost of Coco’s adoption through Holt.

Request info about Coco today!

DOB: 01/20/2014 | China


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