Brennan Needs a Family!

In his 2 and a half years, Brennan has come such a long way.

Brennan weighed just 2.38 pounds when he was born at just 27 weeks, 5 days. He spent his first six months in the hospital. His first couple of years have included several respiratory illnesses and surgery for a patent ductus arteriosus, and currently he has a very small atrial septal defect (0.5mm).

Today, Brennan is 2 and a half years old and has grown so much!

He lives with a loving foster family that is dedicated to his development and care. He connects well with his foster family — and especially loves playing with his foster sister!

Due to his prematurity, he has some developmental delays and is assessed at 11-22 months developmentally (22 months gross motor, 14 months fine motor and 11-12 months personal-social and language). Because of this, the best family for Brennan is one that will be open to some developmental unknowns and is committed to providing him with the therapies and interventions he needs to thrive.

Brennan currently receives physical therapy as well as language and sensory integration therapies and he is showing great improvement! He loves to dance and his signature “move” is swinging his arms back and forth whenever music comes on. He can walk and run, put blocks in a cup, roll a ball, wave ‘bye bye’ and give high fives.

From his starting point — as such a tiny, premature baby — to now, he has shown amazing growth and development.

What Brennan needs now is a permanent family who will love him and be there for all the growing and learning he still has to do!

Could you be this family? Contact Kristen Henry at for more information.

Be an advocate for Brennan, and other children who are waiting, this National Adoption Month! Share about him on Facebook to help him find his permanent, loving family.

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