Back to School, Because of You

On August 28, 2017, Holt Haiti partnered with organization Education Works to throw a first annual Back to School Kickoff for children from impoverished communities and those living in orphanage care in Haiti.

The kick-off was a great success! And, it was all made possible because of the generous gifts of sponsors and donors!

Many parents in Haiti struggle to afford the high cost of school fees, uniforms, books and other supplies for their children. Sometimes, these costs alone are more than they might make in a week, month or longer. But when children don’t have the supplies and uniforms they need, they can’t go to school.

Children living in crèches (Creole for ‘orphanage’) are even more unlikely to receive their very own backpacks and school supplies.

During the Back to School Kickoff, more than 110 children from one northern crèche and school received backpacks, notebooks, pencils, crayons and other school supplies — all lovingly provided by Holt donors and Education Works!

In addition, teachers received large quantities of classroom supplies such as chalk, markers, rulers, scissors, stickers, world maps, aprons, paints and paint brushes to increase the quality of education and students’ learning in their classrooms.

Providing school supplies and classroom resources is one effective way to ensure that orphaned and vulnerable children have the opportunity to follow their dreams, grow equipped with the tools to break the cycle of poverty and enjoy the brightest future possible.

By supporting teachers and classrooms in Haiti, crèches are able to grow more independent and sustain a quality level of education for all children in care.

On behalf of all the children, families, teachers and caregivers who received the supplies they need to have a successful school year, thank you!

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