Sylvia Needs a Family!

Sylvia needs a family!
Sylvia lives in the U.S. and needs a family to adopt her domestically!

One look at these pictures, and you can see that Sylvia is an adorable, happy child with a big, wide smile and sparkling eyes. She loves engaging and interacting with others, and has a sweet temperament and rarely cries, much preferring to laugh and giggle instead. One of her favorite things to do is play with her foster sibling, with whom she has a very close relationship.

Sylvia has a rare genetic condition, which affects the development of the skeletal system. She requires assistance with eating and breathing, and she has trouble hearing. The latest exciting revelation is that with hearing aids, she is experiencing new sounds!

Sylvia has learned to scoot on her back (even faster now!) along the floor and she enjoys transferring small toys from one hand to another. In fact, she is now sitting up unassisted for very brief periods of time and all of her providers are amazed by her accomplishments!

Sylvia needs a family!Sylvia has two other siblings living in a different state that she has not met and some openness to a relationship with Sylvia’s birth mother would be desired. She has also developed close bonds with her current foster mother and foster brother and some kind of ongoing and open relationship with her foster family would be very beneficial to Sylvia, especially as Sylvia and her foster brother have similar special needs.

Sylvia is an infant who has not shown any concerning behaviors at this time. Sylvia receives a multitude of services to help meet her needs, including in-home speech, occupational, and physical therapy. Her many medical providers are dedicated to supporting her health. She also has routine appointments at a clinic, which helps to monitor her food intake. In fact, Sylvia is a favorite patient at the special hospital that serves her!

Sylvia needs a family who will be great advocates for her and who will ensure she receives the many services she needs. The right family for Sylvia will also need to be flexible and available to tend to Sylvia and her needs as well as have access in their area to any medical services that she needs.

Could you or someone you know be the right family for Sylvia? For more information, please contact Holly Berry at

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