Aubrey Needs a Family!

Aubrey Needs a family!
Aubrey is not a cartoon, obviously.

In fact, this silhouette that we use to represent her is nothing close to reality. Unlike this bland and formless photo, she is bright eyed with a grin from cheek to cheek, and if you could see her, you would be able to tell that she is so full of joy! Instead of pigtails, she wears her hair in a short pixie cut, and loves brightly colored dresses. We wish you could see Aubrey and understand what we are talking about, but the adoption authority in her country doesn’t allow us to share her photo on social media. However, if you request information, you can see the photos we have on file for Aubrey and get a glimpse of her personality!

Aubrey is very outgoing for a 5-year-old and likes to meet everyone she can come in contact with. She is extroverted and also likes to help others. If one of her friends is hurt, she will go and tell their caregiver so that her friend can be comforted.

Everything that Aubrey does is for a purpose. For instance, even when she is playing, she pretends to feed the dolls and put them to bed. When she is not playing, you can find her helping her caregivers by collecting the laundry or putting the toys away.

Aubrey has some developmental delays, which affect her language skills. Diagnosed with severe hearing loss last April, she communicates with gestures. But she has since received hearing aids and is growing her communication skills!

The right family for Aubrey will have access to educational and developmental resources to help her reach her full potential, will create an environment where Aubrey can interact with others regularly, and will love her in the way that only a permanent family can.

Could you or someone you know be the right family for Aubrey?

For more information about Aubrey, visit her photolisting profile, and contact Kristen Henry at!

DOB: 09/13/11 | India


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