Kyle Needs a Family!

Kyle Needs a Family!
Kyle needs a family!

Kyle came into care when he was about 11 months old. He is a growing boy that is on track developmentally both mentally and physically. His caregivers and peers love him and describe him as a spunky boy.

You can often find Kyle running around with his friends or playing with a ball. However, when he isn’t feeling like being active, he loves to color and play games.

Kyle Needs a Family!

While Kyle like his friends and caretakers, what he really needs is a family of his own that will love him and can provide the things he needs. He was born with bilateral ear deformities, including closed external ear canals and deformed auricles, which cause him to be hard of hearing.

Because of his difficulty hearing, he is a little behind in speech development. He would probably benefit from speech therapy, but his orphanage doesn’t have access to that kind of therapy. A family for Kyle would not only mean that he receives the love and attention that he deserves, but also the chance to catch up developmentally and one day lead an independent life.

Kyle’s biggest desire is to have a family of his own. Could you or someone you know be the right family for Kyle?

For more information about Kyle, please visit his photolisting profile or contact our child match coordinator for the China program, Jessica Zeeb, at!

05/01/10 | China


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