Dustin Needs a Family!

Dustin Needs a family
Recently, Vietnam changed their policy on showing the faces of waiting children on social media. Please request more information to be able to see more pictures and videos of Dustin!
Dustin has been waiting too long.

Dustin is a friendly and energetic boy who has been in care since he was 3 weeks old. He is currently in the 1st grade and is reportedly learning well. He can write letters and numbers and enjoys counting. He is said to have mild cognitive delays and a lisp, but is otherwise healthy!

Dustin is good at making friends and is even personable around strangers. He does have a core group of good friends, though, and is especially close to one particular caregiver. Some of his favorite things to do are watching children’s TV shows, listening to music, playing sports and playing hide-and-seek.

Some day when he grows up, Dustin wants to be a police officer because he wants to help and protect others. But for now, he needs the protection and stability that only a family can provide.

Dustin needs a family with access to educational and medical resources that will help him thrive and that understands the challenges that can come with adopting an older child. His family should also be willing and eager to seek him when he hides!

There is a $3000 Special Brittany’s Hope grant available to help Dustin’s family bring him home.

Could you or someone you know be the right family for Dustin? To learn more about Dustin, please visit his photolisting profile or contact Kristen Henry at kristenh@holtinternational.org.

Date of Birth 03/25/10 | Vietnam

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