Jack Needs a Family!

Jack is Resilient!

Jack came into care when he was about 6 months old. He was found by police and brought to a child care center. When he first came into care he cried a lot, and didn’t have a good appetite. He got sick easily, and had to go to the hospital often due to asthma. But his caregivers took very good care of him and attended to his needs as he grew. Jack had a hard time walking at first, but his caregivers didn’t give up on him and helped him practice until he was able to figure out the balance. He got stronger and healthier as he got the care and support he needed.

Jack has congenital heart disease (aortic valve and supravalvar aortic stenosis) for which he had surgery in May 2015. He still has some aortic valve regurgitation and an American pediatric cardiologist who reviewed his file believes he will need more heart surgery (review on file). But Jack has shown that when he has the support he needs, he is resilient, and can overcome any challenges.

Jack joined a foster family after he had recovered from surgery. He has three foster siblings and was very shy at first, but over time, he has adjusted well to life with his foster family and gets along well with them. Having siblings has helped him to come out of his shell and he is learning how to be more outgoing with others!

Jack’s intellectual and motor development are on track and he attends school with his foster siblings. Also, his health is good and he does not easily get sick anymore. He is an active kid and likes to play outside with his friends.

Jack has had a hard start, but he has also shown that he is resilient and can overcome challenges. He needs a family that can give him the support he needs to thrive. They should also have access to good medical care, and have an understanding of older child adoption and the unique challenges that come with that.

Could you or someone you know be the right family for Jack? For more information, visit his photolisting profile and contact our child match coordinator, Jessica Zeeb, at jessicaz@holtinternational.org.

DOB: 12/20/2007 | China


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