Bethany Needs a Family Soon!

Bethany understands her need for a family very well.

This joyful 13-year-old lost both of her parents when she was 4 years old, and moved in with her grandma, who she then lost when she was 9 years old. Now as Bethany approaches 14 years old, and is getting closer to the age at which she will become ineligible for international adoption, she is about to lose her chance at a permanent family yet again.

Sitting still is not Bethany’s style. She is an active girl who loves to climb, roller skate, dance, paint and sing. She has several friends at her school and does well in her classes, especially Chinese. She likes to take care of the other children in her group home, and helps her caregivers with their tasks.

The reason that her face is blurred is because Bethany has tested positive for HIV, and due to the stigma against people with HIV in China, we need to protect her privacy. Her HIV is controlled with medication, and you wouldn’t know it was a part of her life from meeting or spending time with her.

Bethany has watched as the other children in her group home have been adopted into families, and she wants nothing more than to finally be a part of a permanent and loving adoptive family.

She will need a family that is able to provide any medical care that she may need, as well as the stability that she needs to thrive.

Could you or someone you know be the right family for Bethany? For more information, visit her photolisting profile, read about other families who have adopted children with HIV, and contact our Child Match Coordinator, Jessica Zeeb, at

DOB: 05/09/04 | China


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