Urgent: Josh Needs a Family!

Josh Needs a family! Learn more about adoption of children with HIV from Holtinternational.
Josh* is a multi-talented 13-year-old who needs a family soon!

Next January, Josh will age out of the adoption process, and his chance at a permanent family will be gone. He is a special boy who is described as active and bright by his caretakers. He loves to create things and can often be found drawing after school. Josh is also passionate about gardening and likes to plant vegetables and flowers. Soon he hopes to plant some roses!

Not only is Josh creative, his best subject in school is math and he is at the top of his class — scoring over 90% on his math assignments.

When not working on his schoolwork, Josh likes to be outside playing basketball, tug of war and riding a bike. He has many friends and he gets along well with the children in his group home.

Josh Needs a family! Learn More about adopting children with HIV from Holt InternationalYou may be wondering why we can’t show a picture of Josh’s face. The reason is because Josh has HIV. There is a strong stigma in China against HIV and so in order to protect Josh’s privacy, we have blurred his face. However, his HIV is very manageable and controlled with medication. Watching him live his daily life, you would never know that he has any health condition! Read about parents of children with HIV and their stories dispelling some of the myths about HIV here and here.

Josh is old enough that he understands what it will mean for his life if he is adopted. He wants very much to join an adoptive family and hopes to have siblings and maybe even pets! He most of all wants a family that he can call his own and that will love him.

Could you be the right family for Josh? He will need a family that is able to give him the resources and opportunities he needs to excel. Most of all, though, he needs a loving and permanent family of his own.

For more information about Josh, visit his photolisting profile or contact Jessica Zeeb at jessicaz@holtinternational.org.

DOB: 1/25/2004 | China

*name changed

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