Sebastian Needs a Family!

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Could you be the perfect family for Sebastian?

Sebastian* is a sweet 18-month-old who is in need of a loving and attentive family! He smiles readily and loves to be carried and held, especially by his favorite caretaker. When he meets new people he is very curious and likes to watch them intently. He is small for his age, but is known to be a very happy and content boy who enjoys exploring his environment or playing beside other children.

In his short life, Sebastian has had some big challenges to face and overcome. When he was born, he was hospitalized for a few weeks due to a respiratory tract infection. In May 2016, he received an abdomen and pelvis sonogram that reported a storage liver disease, Glycogen Storage Disorder. He is currently receiving a specialized diet for treatment. Sebastian is also diagnosed with partial hearing loss in his left ear and severe hearing loss in his right ear due to numerous infections. An ENT specialist reports that both eardrums are normal and suggests a hearing aid trial along with speech and language therapy. He has some developmental delays, but he responds well when talked to and says a few words like “baba” and “dada.”

Sebastian needs an adoptive family that has access to excellent medical resources, is open to the unknowns of his developmental progress, and can provide a loving and secure home for him.

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DOB: 9/24/2015 | South Asia

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