A Merry Christmas Thanks to Holt Sponsors

Since 2004, Holt child sponsors and donors have generously given a little extra during the holiday season to help children around the world receive extra special Christmas celebrations and gifts.

Because of those contributions, children enjoy a happy, healthy and warm holiday season, filled with nutritious food, special presents and celebrations with friends, family and caregivers. We recently received reports from our 2016 holiday celebrations around the world!

Last December, in Vietnam, 620 children received new clothes and ate a special meal. They cheered loudly when they saw the food set up for them, and enjoyed a special day of dancing and singing.

Special holiday performances for children and staff at a care center in Vietnam.
Sponsor-supported children in Vietnam show off their Christmas gifts.

Holt-Vietnam staff says:  “On behalf of the children, we would like to send our deep gratitude to Holt sponsors for your generous support, and invaluable gift to the kids to have a cheerful traditional holiday.”


In India, the celebration began with preparation! Children took part in fun arts and crafts and helped decorate the rooms and Christmas tree with their creations. On the day of the Christmas festivities, each child received a new outfit, and they all eagerly awaited a visit from Santa, who came bearing gifts and chocolates.  The children enjoyed listening to carol singers, clapping and singing along, and they were each given a crown, making them feel extra special on their day of celebration!

“There was a big smile on the children’s faces, they sure enjoyed the party a lot,” BSSK staff says. “We deeply appreciate the sponsor contributions made towards the Christmas celebrations, the children and staff had a fun celebration that brought in a lot of gaiety and cheer amongst all! Thank you!”

Pune 2
The children received a special Christmas cake and Santa hats. And they all received new clothes.
Children in Pune read Christmas cards sent by their Holt sponsors.


sangli 3
A child at BSSK’s branch in Sangli takes part in the special activities.


Sangli 1

sangli 4
Game time in Sangli!
sangli CMS
Thirty-seven children from the educational sponsorship program in Sangli showed off their sponsorship Christmas cards.
Children at a Holt-supported daycare center in Bangalore.

In Cambodia, children and their parents celebrated Christmas in colorfully decorated rooms — playing games, singing and dancing, and drawing. The day ended with a special breakfast and lunch, cake for dessert and gifts. “The children all looked so happy,” Buth Saman, executive director of Children and Life Association (CLA), Holt’s partner in Cambodia, said.  “On behalf of children, we would like to take this great opportunity to thank the Holt sponsors who generously provided support for this special event, Buth said. “The children enjoyed the activities very much. The children who participated said, ‘we thank Holt sponsors who provided us with a good chance to come together for this special time.'”

Balloon stomping game at CLA in Cambodia.
More games for Holt-supported children in Cambodia!
Showing off the Christmas card from his Holt sponsor.

In Mongolia, children in Holt’s family preservation program enjoyed games, food and special performances put on by children at the Big Family Institute in Ulaanbaatar, a care center where Holt supports a kindergarten.  Santa also paid the children a visit and passed out gifts and treats. “The children enjoyed the special entertainment,” Paul Kim, Holt’s director of Korea and Mongolia programs, says.


To all the Holt child sponsors who generously gave so that the children in Holt-supported care could have an extra special Christmas, thank you! To learn more about how to become a child sponsor, click here.

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