Share Your Sponsorship Story

What do you stand for?

Are you inspired to sponsor because you believe that every child deserves an equal education? Because every child deserves a loving family? Or to reach their full potential in life?

Regardless of why you sponsor, know that in 2016, you have given all of this and more to a child — or children — who needed you.

Your monthly sponsorship support helped provide education for girls, food for malnourished children, specialized support for children with special needs and hope for impoverished families around the world.

You believed in a child’s dream — in their potential — and held strong to the hope that families facing hardship can achieve greatness, if only they have the support of people who believe in them.

And because you took a stand for your sponsored child, you are making the world a happier, healthier and more loving place in 2017.

Thank you for standing for children!

P.S. Winter Jam 2017 has officially started — and a concert may soon be headed your way! Check here for locations and dates!

At stadiums and arenas across the country, Christian artists take to the stage — teaching concertgoers with a heart for children about Holt’s work, and how they can change a child’s life by becoming a Holt sponsor like you!

Would you be interested in volunteering at a concert to help sign up new sponsors? For more information and to volunteer at a concert near you, click here. Or tell us what and who you stand for by sharing your sponsorship story on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram with the #IStandFor hashtag.

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