At One Deaf School in Ethiopia, This is Their Only Opportunity to Learn…


Ayele is 12 years old.

For the first nine years of his life, he never stepped foot inside a school. Profoundly deaf, he had no way of communicating with his family beyond pointing and gesturing.

But when the Yesus Mena School for the Deaf came to his community in Ethiopia, for the first time, Ayele learned how to express himself through sign language.

This school has had such a tremendous impact on not just Ayele’s life — but on the lives of nearly 500 more deaf or partially hearing children in attendance at this, the first and only deaf school in a region with the highest prevalence of deafness in all of Ethiopia.

Through your generosity and compassion, you have made this possible!

But I can’t stop thinking about the hundreds more children who are missing out on their one and only opportunity to learn, to communicate, and to be part of their community — even, as our deputy Ethiopia director describes it, to be fully recognized as human.

That’s why I’ve made education for children at the Yesus Mena School for the Deaf one of my top priorities at year-end.

Recently, Yesus Mena enrolled another 100 students, all of whom will require uniforms, free lunch, supplies, desks, chairs and teachers. And additional students are still waiting to enroll.

Will you join me in helping more children receive the education they deserve?

Thank you for standing with me as a leader in Holt’s efforts to serve, empower and change the lives of orphaned and vulnerable children.

Together, we are investing in their lives — and their futures.

Thank You!
Phil Littleton
President & CEO


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