The Story Behind the Photo: Six Months Home


Our journey to the family you see today was one that was filled with many ups and downs, but one that was well worth the wait.  My husband was adopted from Vietnam when he was eight months old and so for him, international adoption was always something close to his heart.  Then after trying for many years to have children, it was my husband who encouraged me to switch our focus to adoption. Our experience with the Thailand program was amazing and we felt that the local Holt staff and social workers were there for us every step of the way and knew so much about our son and really made us appreciate all their hard work and the work they do with the foster families!

This picture is one of our favorites because it was taken about 6 months after we returned home with our son, Tai, and it perfectly captures us as a family. At this point we were all comfortable in our new roles and his personality and infectious smiles and giggles were growing brighter every day. It has been a year now since this picture and it is hard to believe how quickly time has flown by for all of us!  He is getting bigger every day and has adapted so incredibly well to his new language and culture.  Now we talk about him being a big brother and what it will be like with a baby sister, who we were recently matched with from Thailand, and how we will all travel to bring her home.

Leanne Violette | St. Louis, Missouri

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