Traveling to China to pick up your child: Holt’s travel policies

_BGC7622 (1)Your adoption journey has come so far. Can you believe that soon you will travel to China to unite with your child? We are so excited for you, your beautiful kiddo and the incredible adventure you are about to embark on to welcome your child home.

To ensure that your trip to China is everything you’ve hoped for and goes smoothly, we ask that you please read this blog in full. Here, we provide information about our travel schedules, why we schedule travel the way we do and what you should expect as we begin travel planning together.

How often does Holt plan trips to my child’s province?

Once per month, Holt plans a trip to your child’s province. As soon as you receive travel approval, we know that the only thing on your mind is boarding the earliest, fastest and most direct flight to your child. Whether it’s a week or 30 days, we know that waiting to travel is extremely difficult. However, our travel policies and schedules are intended to ensure you have a positive experience in China, a beautiful first few days with your child and that your adoption finalizes smoothly and you have all the support you need for this leg of your adoption journey.

We list upcoming travel dates in our monthly email update. We try to identify monthly travel dates accurately, but circumstances beyond our control can occasionally cause them to shift.

Why only once per month?

Because many families adopt through Holt, the cost to travel would rise tremendously if we planned individual trips for every family. By grouping families from certain regions together to travel, we save on costs — and those savings are passed to you.

Our travel schedule allows our staff in-country to be available to meet all your needs, whether acting as a translator, helping you find all your appointments and meetings, arranging for transportation or just being with you during an emotional time. Holt consistently receives praise from families for our quality and attentiveness of in-country staff. They truly go the extra mile! However, this level of service would not be possible if families didn’t travel in groups in regular intervals.p1ahuroorn1b2fpth1kgo19f11vh55Who will I travel with?

Holt schedules one trip per month for families adopting from Guangdong, Guangxi, Hubei, Jiangsu, Jilin, and Shanxi provinces. We plan a second trip each month for families adopting from all other provinces. This grouping gives you the opportunity to meet a group of families whose children share common heritage and history with your own child.

When will you begin making my travel arrangements?

When you receive your Article 5, we will try to estimate your travel schedule based on our upcoming trip schedule. Your travel approval is valid for 90 days, so if you cannot make the trip to your province at the earliest possible travel date, you can travel the following month.

Travel scheduling options are flexible, but limited, so we will work with you to arrange a trip that best fits your needs. You will book your own international flights and purchase airline tickets for your family. Holt designs your stay in China to be as short as possible and still meet all adoption requirements.

Does Holt use a travel agency? Do I have to use that same travel agency?

We arrange a package of services for each family in China through Lotus Travel, including hotels, ground and air transportation, and other necessary services. Lotus Travel is our preferred vendor of travel services because they are experienced in adoption travel in China and the have a reputation for excellent service. However, you are not required to use Lotus Travel for all bookings. If you wish to consider other options, please let us know. We cannot arrange travel until your account with Holt is clear and we have all signed Child Information Transmittal Memos (CITM) on file.brookeMain takeaways:

  1. We plan one trip per month for families adopting from any given province in China. Unfortunately, you must wait for these monthly trips, and we cannot accommodate individualized travel needs except in cases of severe medical emergencies. We sincerely appreciate your understanding.
  2. Please do not arrange or book any services in China without consulting us.
  3. We do our best to keep travel costs low. However, if you have any travel preferences, please let us know!
  4. Before we can schedule your travel, your Holt account must be paid in full and all Child Information Transmittal Memos received.

Please don’t hesitate to contact Holt’s China team, your social worker or the China travel coordinator with concerns or feedback.

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