These children need families!

These are just a couple of the children currently on our waiting child photolisting who need a little extra help in our efforts to find them a family. Could you, or someone you know, be the family they are looking for?

*All names have been changed to protect their identities.

4-20-2016-7Taran | 12/31/13 | China

Taran is a cute little boy that can tell you how old he is by holding up his fingers to show you. He is close to his foster mom and claps when his foster father comes home. He was born premature and had some issues at birth. He has mild CP, causing difficulty with moving his right leg. He is just learning to talk and is able to say a few words. Taran needs a family that has access to resources for his medical needs.


min-yue-huan-06022016-1Melody | 02/18/15 | China

Melody came into care when she was about two days old.  She likes hugging her foster mom and imitating people. Her favorite thing to eat is a banana. Melody has spina bifida, for which she had surgery in 2015. Her development is at approximately a 15-month-old level. She loves exploring and going outside. Melody should have a loving family with access to the medical care she needs.


For more information on waiting children and adoption, follow these links:

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Not ready to adopt but still want to help? Another way that you can help us advocate for these children is by spreading the word on social media. Visit our Facebook page and share our waiting child stories!



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