We Need Families for Korea!


Have you thought about adopting from Korea?

When Holt first pioneered the modern practice of international adoption 60 years ago, we started in Korea. And today, the Korea program remains one of our most predictable and stable adoption programs. The reliable timeline and process, the quality of care that the children receive in country, and the detailed medical information available about the children make it an appealing program for many families.

Now is a great time to apply for the Korea program as this time of year, we receive fewer overall adoption applications — but we are in great need of loving adoptive families for children waiting in Korea!

In the past, this program was also limited to families living in certain states, but recently expanded program eligibility now allows us to place children in all 50 states! Homestudy and post-placement reports just need to be completed by a Hague-accredited agency.

Most of the children waiting in Korea are living in loving foster homes instead of orphanages, which means that they are in a stable environment that allows them to grow, reach developmental milestones and develop the healthy attachments that will help them transition more easily to a permanent adoptive family.

The minimum age to adopt from Korea is 25, which makes this program a great choice for younger couples. They also accept families with up to four children in the home.

These children need the stability and sense of belonging that only a permanent family can provide. If the Korea program sounds like it would be a good fit for your family — or you would like to learn more about children waiting for families in other country programs —contact us! We would love to help you begin your journey toward welcoming a child into your heart and family. If you have any questions or want more information, you are always free to contact Kathie Stocker, Holt’s Korea adoption counselor, at kathies@holtinternational.org.


5 Replies to “We Need Families for Korea!”

  1. We have two wonderful family members from Korea. They came to us a little babies.

    One is now the mother of gorgeous little boy, is married to a special young man, and is a beautiful young woman of ambition and intelligence.

    The other is a super young man with a job he loves. He is a caring uncle to that lovely little boy. He loves his mom and dad (and the rest of us, too, I hope).

    Both of these special additions have truly blessed our family.

  2. We have four children from South Korea. Three came to us as babies. One was almost 16. Our life has been enriched by these beautiful children. They are all grown and almost all are on their own! We have three beautiful grandchildren. I cannot imagine our life without them. Adoption builds families and made our lives rich in love.

  3. We adopted two children from Korea, both as infants. Many acquaintances mentioned how lucky they were, but we have always felt that we were the lucky ones She joined three older siblings, and two years later, he completed our family. Both grew into amazing adults, and our whole family feels it is one of the best things we ever did.

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