Blake Needs a Family!

Xia Wan Min Blake PL photo

10/31/2005 | China

Blake* is known by his caretakers for finding enjoyment in everything he does.

He could let the fact that he is currently in an orphanage get him down. But instead, he plans to become a scientist and invent awesome robots.

He could let the fact that his legs are paralyzed dampen his spirits. But instead, he competes in his local Special Olympics and receives second place in swimming.

He could let his wheelchair steal his joy. But instead, he does wheelies and performs “wheelchair disco” for his peers.

He could let the fact that his best friend was adopted last year discourage him. But instead, he patiently waits for a family of his own. xia wan min20160816

Blake inspires those around him with his optimistic outlook on life. He is an outgoing and talkative 10-year-old who easily makes friends and carries on a conversation. He loves to create things and does so by playing the piano, drawing pictures and writing “beautiful sentences.”

Blake was born with both legs paralyzed, possibly due to spina bifida, but he is still very independent. He makes his bed and washes his own clothes. He is good at math and reading and especially enjoys books that are funny.xia wan min20160720

Blake needs a family that is prepared for his unquenchable optimism and who has access to the medical support that he may need. This family should be able to keep up with Blake and be prepared for the complexities of older child adoption.


Please help us share Blake’s story, and contact Jessica Zeeb at if you would like to learn more about Blake.

Thanks to our generous donors, there is a $3,000 Special Blessings Grant available toward the fees for Blake’s adoption!

*name changed


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