Bella Needs a Family!

Bella’s face is hidden to protect her privacy, but we have many beautiful photos of her on file.

UPDATE: For Bella’s birthday, a generous donor has offered to double her Special Blessings Grant to $6,000 to help her find a home!

In the words of the donor,

“Bella said it best, “I want to be adopted, and I would like to live in the U.S.’ My birthday wish to Bella is for her wish and dreams to come true — so that she may know the love and happiness of the family she deserves while blessing the world with her beautiful smile.”

Read more about this special girl below!



Date of Birth: 9/28/2003 | China

Last October, Holt sent a team of doctors, social workers and other hand-chosen advocates on an ambassador trip to China in order to help advocate for specific children. Their goal was to meet some of the children and gain a better understanding of the child’s needs and evaluate the qualifications that a family would need to be the best fit for the child. After spending four days with 11 children from one of the HIV group homes we support, they came home to help advocate for them. Since then, eight of the children they met have been matched, and five are already home with their families.

One of the children the team met, who has not yet been matched with a family, is *Bella. One of Holt’s ambassadors wrote this about her:

img_2952Bella was voted “Best Smile” among all the kids by the ambassadors, and if you get the chance to see a picture of her beautiful face, you will see that she definitely deserved that title! At our first meeting, she hung close to an adult from her group home until she determined that her surroundings were safe and that she was free to be herself. She soon warmed up to the ambassadors and Holt staff when she started working on a bracelet craft with her friends. She enjoyed coloring, playing games and showing off her awesome ability to do a split. She stated that “animals and snow make me happy” and that “when I grow up I might like to work with animals.” We asked what is one thing she wanted to learn or do and she said, “I want to learn to ride a bike.” Overall, she is fairly quiet and reserved in group settings. She seemed to prefer to be on her own, with an adult or with another little girl, rather than participate with the group as a whole.


Her group home caregivers said that Bella is often insecure and lacks self-confidence. They attributed her insecurity to being at the group home for only two years (as of October 2015) and that she was just starting to find her place among the other children. She also started her HIV medications late, and she was sick when she first arrived at the group home. Due to her illnesses, she had to take time off from school, but teachers reported that she had improved in her classes and with her homework. She had also been taking tuberculosis medications for about a year and was still taking them as of October 2015. But now her tuberculosis has cleared up and she no longer needs the medications.

bella-and-boscoWe heard that she was very tearful and seemed afraid of the Holt staff that visited the group home in April 2015. Although we saw no tears and no fear of strangers during the visit in October, she did seclude herself at times and appeared sad — a sign that she still deals with trauma from her past. When we asked her directly about adoption, her beautiful smile spread across her face. Then she said, “I want to be adopted, and I would like to live in the U.S.” The ambassadors and Holt staff all think she will thrive via adoption and be a blessing to her family, but she will need lots of encouragement and one-on-one attention from her family members.

Please help us share Bella’s story, and contact Jessica Zeeb at if you would like to learn more about Bella.


*name changed


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