When it’s -40 in Mongolia, getting to school is difficult…

email6-Header-40 degrees Fahrenheit. A cardboard-walled house. Layers of ice, soot and snow on the ground. Miles to walk to school.

For children living in the poorest districts of Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia — the coldest capital city in the world — the elements alone make it difficult, sometimes impossible, to get to school.

Help children stay in school!

And in most districts, schools are so overcrowded that classes take place in shifts, after which children must fend for themselves, with no safe or warm place nearby for them to go. This often leads to children engaging with dangerous life on the streets, and sometimes even getting separated from their families.

But with educational support from Holt sponsors, these children have a bright future.

Holt’s new afterschool program in Ulaanbaatar has a brand new library — and this library provides much more than books. Children get homework help, a hot meal and a warm, nurturing place to escape the cold. It’s not only a place to study, but a place where their curiosity and gifts can be realized.

This project is just the first of many afterschool programs we have planned as we work to reach many more children living in such difficult conditions in Mongolia. This library was opened with generous support from Holt donors, but we still need your help to fill it with more books, school supplies and other education essentials. With your gift today, you can help keep kids in school and off the streets of Ulaanbaatar.

Thank you for the light and warmth of your support. It makes all the difference for these children.

Thankful for your support,

Paul Kim
Director of Korea and Mongolia programs


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