She felt like her life was saved.


When Xiao Cai’s father died, she considered dropping out of school to help support her family. But when she heard about Holt sponsorship, she felt like her life was saved.

In poor regions of China, many children face difficulties continuing their educations — especially in rural areas, where some experts estimate that 63% of middle and high school children drop out before graduation. Like Xiao Cai, most children leave school either because they have to work to bring in income or because their family does not have the funds to pay for supplies and uniforms.

But we know that if children stay in school, their lives will proceed normally and they will have better connections to society. They will not end up living on the streets or working in child labor. And they will gain the ties they need to succeed in China.

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The support that Xiao Cai received gave her hope for her future. Now that she knows she can afford to stay in school, she is working hard to achieve her goals. And she hopes to become a teacher someday, so she can help other children just like her.

A small investment can change the life of a child forever.

Working together, we can keep many more children in school — in China and around the world.


Combat poverty. Give hope. Seize opportunity.

Invest in one child’s education today!

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