Seth is a special boy who needs a family!

2016-4-25-(4)Date of Birth: 5/9/06 | China

When April Xie, adoption coordinator for Holt China, met Seth for the first time, he greeted her warmly and without hesitation. Later during their visit, she showed interest in a game he was playing, and he taught her how to play — handing her the balls after she dropped them so that she could give it another try.7.2016 1

If Seth’s caregiver had to choose one word for Seth, she says it would be “energetic.” He loves to keep busy and can often be found running around on the playground. He also gets along well with the other kids at the orphanage.

Given his friendly response to April and his love for energetic play, it’s not surprising that Seth hopes for an adoptive family that includes a brother! Seth wants a companion to share his fun.

1210250944Seth had a cleft lip and palate, which have been surgically repaired. Otherwise he is a healthy, ten-year-old boy. He attends a public school near the orphanage. His grades may not be the best in the class, but he is an extremely observant, curious child with a knack for art. He was proud to show April a vivid drawing he made of the dragon boats he saw during a Chinese holiday. This drawing was not a homework assignment — Seth drew it for the joy of drawing. He was also very interested in April’s camera.

Seth needs someone to run and play and laugh with him. He needs someone to support him in his schoolwork and develop his potential for art. He needs someone who will love, accept and claim him. In short — Seth needs a family!

Jessica Zeeb | Child Match Coordinator, China Program

Please help us share Seth’s story, and contact Jessica Zeeb at if you would like to learn more about Seth.


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