Recognized as human for the first time…


In the Kembata-Tembaro zone of southern Ethiopia, the prevalence of deafness is the highest in the country.

Deaf children in this rural community face multiple difficulties that hinder them from reaching their full potential. Marginalization, limited participation in their community and exploitation for child labor are a few of the hurdles that affect their lives.

Today, deaf children in this region are able to pursue their education at the Yesus Mena School for the Deaf enabling them to communicate with their families for the first time, and empowering them with the skills and knowledge to overcome poverty.

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School is not only a place where they learn to read, write and do basic arithmetic, but also a place where they are recognized as humans, discover they have their own language and can aspire to achieve a better life.

When you give a gift today, you can help these students succeed and stay in school as long as possible by providing the uniforms, books and supplies they need to succeed.

The children now enrolled are energetic, active and very eager to go to school and never want to miss a single class. There is no doubt that school is a wonderful place for them.

Holt Ethiopia is very pleased to be part of this great mission and quite grateful to supporters like you for materializing such a higher aim. Thank you for bringing this hugely positive impact on these vulnerable children.

Miruk Alemu | Deputy Director, Holt Ethiopia


Invest in one child’s education today. 



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