Myles Needs a Family!

K15-161 photo taken 7 12 16 (1)Myles* is an active 14-month-old boy who is waiting for a permanent, loving family. This sweet boy was born full term, weighing 3.02 kg (6.65 lbs.).  He’s been diagnosed with — and currently being treated for — congenital adrenal hyperplasia and plagiocephaly. His congenital adrenal hyperplasia is well controlled with daily K15-161 photo taken 7 12 16 (2)medication. Myles is also receiving helmet therapy for plagiocephaly, which is reportedly improving. Developmentally, he walks alone, crawls and sits without support.

He likes to play ball and peek-a-boo. He babbles some words like “momma”, “umma”, and “appa”, but he is learning how to speak. He understands simple words, and can wave hello and goodbye. At 14 months old, he is assessed at over 11 months developmentally and 14-16 months in gross motor skills. Myles enjoys taking baths, splashing water, going out with his foster mother and playing “clap-it and grab-it.”  He has a good appetite and loves bananas, cookies, soft bread, cheese and yogurt.

Myles is ready to join a family that understands his medical needs and should be prepared to provide any treatment or therapy he may need as he grows up. Watch the video below!

Could you, or someone you know, be Myles’ permanent, loving family? Contact Kristen Henry at for more information about Myles and the eligibility requirements for adopting him. 

* Name changed

Date of Birth: 5/3/15

Region: NE Asia


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