URGENT: Brady Needs a Family Soon!

Brady’s face is hidden to protect his privacy, but we have many photos on file showing his handsome face and amazing smile.

Holt ambassador Wendy Reeves shares about Brady, a boy she met while visiting a Holt-supported group home for children with HIV in China. Please share his story to help us find him the loving, permanent family he deserves!

Date of Birth: 5/30/04

Country: China

I met Brady* on a trip I took to China with Holt International, along with several other children who are HIV-positive. What I knew about HIV could fit in a paragraph, as well as what I knew about Brady before meeting him. I was blessed to be able to take this trip, which gave me the opportunity to learn about HIV as well as learn about these great kids.

Brady is a healthy, well-adjusted, active and inspiring young man. He loves to play sports, go to school and help others with chores and responsibilities. He participates with the other kids and is comfortable with adults and in social interactions. And he is helpful without being asked and is absolutely willing to help others when in need.

His early childhood experiences have added to his maturity and thoughtful attitude. He has a great sense of humor and his smile lights up his face. His energy is boundless but not uncontainable. And through his ardent desire to learn, he strives to grow to his full potential.

Opportunity. That is what he is waiting for. He is waiting for a family who accepts him for who he is while encouraging him to become all that he can. He wants a chance to have a future beyond the borders of a group home. He is a person who lives WITH HIV and not just a person who HAS HIV. The stigma of HIV is just that. A stigma. With the proper medications, proper education and proper healthcare, people with HIV can lead normal, healthy lives — and so can Brady.

Brady would be a great fit for any family. He has my heart and I am a better person for having met him. He inspires me to not give up when times get tough or when life seems hopeless.

We need to find him a family soon, because in two years, when he turns 14, he will age out of the system and his opportunity to be adopted will be gone.

Could you, or someone you know, be Brady’s permanent, loving family? Contact Jessica Zeeb at jessicaz@holtinternational.org for more information about Brady and the eligibility requirements for adopting him.

*name changed

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