Your Support Matters

As a sponsor, you have the unique opportunity to love and support a child living in a tough situation.

Maybe your sponsored child is waiting in a care facility for a permanent, loving family. Maybe your sponsored child is in school and working to end the cycle of poverty for his or her family. Or maybe your sponsored child has special needs that require specialized resources and therapies — needs like cerebral palsy, developmental delays, cleft lip and palate… or HIV.

Among the most vulnerable groups of children Holt sponsors support are in fact children in China who have HIV.

These children face a stigma that makes their everyday lives difficult. They can’t attend public schools, rarely go out in public and are often abandoned by their families. While medication provided by the Chinese government keeps these children healthy, and the HIV in their blood nearly undetectable, their future is devoid of hope — empty and uncertain.

But with support from sponsors, these children have the resources to attend private schools and receive the additional medical care they need while they live in a group home setting. It also gives them the hope of being adopted internationally — of joining a permanent, loving family.

In this month’s sponsorship video, you’ll hear from Jennifer, a Holt adoptive mom whose child has HIV, as well as from Jian Chen, Holt’s vice president of the China program.

We are excited to partner with you and other Holt sponsors as we expand our programs in China to uplift and bring hope to even more children who have HIV.

And know that whether you sponsor a child in China with HIV or a child in a different country with a different circumstance, you are impacting a life and your support matters.

Thank you for your compassion and love for these precious children.

Make a difference for vulnerable children in China. 

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