An Extraordinary Opportunity to Help Children…


He was 6 years old. And he lived alone in a shack off the side of the road.

His mother and father had both passed away, and his only living relative, an 84-year-old grandmother, was afraid to take him in. He was not welcome at school or by the local orphanage. When his story was reported by the local news, some people left clothing and food on his doorstep. But no one would go near him. He lived in total solitude, without anyone to love or comfort him.

This is Brady’s story — the story of one boy living with HIV in China.

But this story represents thousands more children who are struggling to survive in communities that shun them because of a disease they were born with. Worse than HIV itself — a disease now manageable with proper medication — is the unbelievable rejection so many of these children face, even by their own families.

This is a heartbreaking story. But like many of the stories we tell at Holt, this one is brimming with hope.


Right now, I am so excited to tell you that God has given Holt an extraordinary opportunity to help these children. We can now help children with HIV go to school, receive the medical care they need to thrive, and ensure they remain in safe group home environments with caregivers who are not afraid to love them and hold them tight.

Most of all, through our unique partnerships, we have pioneered a way to help many of these children join permanent, loving families through adoption.

I share this with you because I know you have a heart for children with special needs. And because right now, we urgently need your support.

This year, with your support of the Molly Holt Fund, we are able to serve even more children with special needs in the countries where we work. From Ethiopia and Uganda, to India, Mongolia and across Southeast Asia, we continue to partner with local organizations and governments to ensure every child can reach their full potential — regardless of the circumstances to which they were born.

Together, we can end the cycle of heartbreaking loss for these children.

Phil Littleton | President & CEO


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